My advice to college seniors

Typically, the month of  May is a special month for many young adults who are finally done with the rigors of college and are set to finally start their careers.  The day I graduated from college was one of the happiest and proudest moments of my life.  It ranks up there with my biggest achievements, if not biggest achievement.

These are not easy times to be young and just out of college. The economy is still struggling and many companies are just not hiring. So the choices for the new graduate are pretty much far and few between. With that said, I think it is important to build up your work experience right off the bat.  Why not take a job outside your field of study? Maybe it is not the glamorous job that you had dreamed of when you were just starting college but at least you are building up valuable experience and eventually something better will come along.  When I graduated from college, I accepted a job which had very little to do with what I studied in college.  Funny, but 20 years later, I am working at the same job and I generally enjoy my job. Many jobs teach you valuable things about the workplace that no college course can teach you.

I think many graduates put way too much emphasize on trying to impress future employers with their grade point average or how many tough classes they aced in college. While those things are important in some ways, it doesn’t mean a thing if you’re some arrogant, know it all , jerk who is potentially very difficult to work with.  Having good people skills are so vital in working for any organization or company. I think it is a skill which is often overlooked and should be just one of the biggest criteria for hiring someone. I have seen many people who are very bright and intelligent but they lack any sort of  good people skills. These people are like a cancer in a company.  Showing that you can work well with people is something that a college graduate can do to greatly enhance their chances of not only getting hired but having a successful career.

Finally, just because who have that degree doesn’t mean you can stop attending classes. Maybe when you accepted that job outside your field, you developed a great interest in that field and want to expand your knowledge.  Those who have a wider base of skills in a company will always go further and get that promotion or advance that career.

I just want to congratulate all the new graduates and good luck with starting your career and the job search.

The death of the world’s biggest thug

News of Bin Laden’s death last night was like a fresh of breath air for many Americans. I view Bin Laden as one of the most evil men in the history of the world. In fact, I would rate him right up there with Adolf Hitler, perhaps not as bad but very close.  He definitely got what he deserved.  An animal like that doesn’t deserve to be living.  I’m glad we killed him instead of capturing him. Imagine the circus that would take place if we brought him to this country to face trial? He doesn’t even deserve a trial in my mind. Anyone who orchestrates the killing of thousands of innocent people deserves the fate he got.

The killing of OBL has to serve as a powerful message to terrorists around the world who want to do damage to this country and thumb their nose at us.  We will eventually capture you.  Our military and special ops people are the best in the world and I’m extremely proud of what they did yesterday.  They are my true heroes in life.  Going on those missions takes a tremendous amount of guts and courage. It takes an extremely special person to do that kind of stuff.

Despite the fact that Bin Laden was killed, the war on terror is far from over.  There is no question Al Qaeda will try to get some sort of revenge and it worries me with the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 coming up, they might plan something big that day.  Did we stir up a hornets nest with his killing or deal a serious blow to his network of thugs? I am of the belief that another Bin Laden thug was waiting in the wings to take over and this person could be just as bad, if not worse than OBL.  We cannot rest on our laurels and must continue to hunt these people down until Al Qaeda is finished.  Not only will this country benefit but the whole world will be a better place.

In the meantime, I hope they release the photos of Bin Laden’s corpse after he was shot so other terrorists can see what happens when you mess the good old USA!

Those awful gas prices

I think I can honestly speak on behalf of many Americans who are absolutely fed up with these gas prices. Just a year ago, the average price per gallon was about $2.95. Today,  the average is nearly 4 dollars a gallon with no end in sight. In fact some experts are saying we could be paying 5 or 6 dollars a gallon by the end of the summer.  Just the type of news many people fear with the summer travel season closing in.

What is even more sad about the rising gas prices is what is being done about it.  Since the price of oil is really dictated by speculation about the supply in the future, the price has really shot up in recent months due to the current unrest in the middle east.  And other countries are using more and more oil so the demand for oil is expected increase greatly in the future.  And we are being affected here in the United States especially the people of the middle class. Not only is that an added expense to a family or individual but other things will go up as well such as groceries.  Yes, just what we need during a recovery, an added burden to middle class of this country. How can any politician say with a straight face that we are on the road to recovery when gas prices keep on climbing like this?

There is a great untapped amount of oil in this country which we need to explore.  Imagine if suddenly, the Obama administration announced that they will explore drilling in Alaska and other parts of the country.  Just like that, the anticipation for a greater supply of oil will cause gas prices to go down. Anyone with any basic knowledge of economics knows that there is an inverse relationship between supply and demand.  But the bottom line is that our gas prices will go down and many people will not have that added expense to deal with during this tough times.  This has to help any type of recovery and it will add many jobs as well.

But many politicians are afraid support drilling because they are afraid of a few punk environmental lobbyists who are more concerned about saving a few panda bears in Alaska than for the greater good of this country.  The 2012 elections are coming up in about a year and a half and if gas prices continue to climb, Obama can forget about any chance of becoming reelected. This is an important issue that must be dealt with now and for our future.