The hypocrisy of Christians

This is a very holy week for people like myself who are people of the Christian faith. It is a time when we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Easter is pretty much what Christianity is all about. I strongly believe this country and world would be a much better place if more people actually followed the teachings of Jesus Christ and applied them to their lives but of course, that is not the case. What is even more disturbing is the number of people who call themselves Christians but their lives and actions are far from anything resembling how a good Christian should live. In fact, it is really sad to see how so many are judgemental towards others when they should be looking in mirror and evaluating their own lives.

A classic example of this is the Westboro Baptist church group who goes around and protests at military funerals. Their message is that God is condemning the United States for supporting gay rights. One of their members even had the nerve to call President Obama , the antichrist. Not only are they humiliating families of fallen members of  our military, they are showing no amount of compassion for those families during the protest.  Do you think Jesus Christ would approve of what they are doing? Would he have joined them in the protest? Absolutely not!! They are a radical group that do more harm than good to the cause of Christianity.  And who are they to judge other people like that? Let God do the judging of this country and its people.  Maybe this group should spend more time handing out bibles at those numerous gay fests around the country and praying for those people who they like to condemn.

I believe a Christian has absolutely no right to go around and judge other people for their faults.  Nobody in this world is perfect and before you judge others, look in the mirror at your own life.  Funny how the same folks who like to lecture about moral things have enough problems in their own lives.  How would they react if someone turned around and judged them for their faults?

A Christian has a responsibility to lead others to Christ. Unfortunately, when non- Christians look at Christians, many see radical people who are very judgemental and that really turns people away from hearing the word of Jesus Christ.  A good person of faith should be someone who inspires others to be like them.  Telling someone they will go to hell if they do not repent is not a very tactful way of spreading the gospel.   I just wish more Christians would understand that.

Wanted: An accountant or economist for public office

The big political news during the past few weeks has been the budget battle going on in Washington as well as  several state budget battles throughout the country. Politicians from both parties are going at it tooth and nail to determine what is the best way to cut billions of dollars from an ever-increasing deficit.  But are many of these politicians even qualified handle such a task? Judging from what I see in not only Washington, but around here at the local level, I think many of those whom we elect to office probably have a difficult time with their own personal budget.

A few weeks ago, I read about a plan from a rather ambitious politician which called out for the creation of several new bold plans and initiatives.  Further investigation into this budget proposal revealed much increased spending which did not even come close to the projected revenues that would have been taken in.  Now think about it. Does this idiot think money grows on trees and he will have enough for his budget? And we elect people like that to public office!!

There are many very bright and very educated politicians who really puzzle me by the way they think when it comes to trimming a budget or dealing with spending.  A typical politician is usually someone with a law degree but how many really have any type of background in accounting, business or economics? It makes you wonder! If I had something wrong with my car, I would not have a chef fix my car! I would rather have an auto mechanic who is fully trained to do the work.

So much of running for public office should be understanding how to create revenue and having good money management skills.  We seem to lack people in office with any common sense in that area. We need more people who have actually run a business or have a good understanding of accounting or economics. Our deficit is getting out of control and most politicians just want to kick the can down the road for someone else to deal with.  It is a major problem with this country.

Hopefully, we will elect more people in the future with a better understanding of money and ways to grow the economy. We need more accountants and economists and less lawyers and dare I say, community organizers!!



Hooray for Butler

For the second straight year, a very unheralded college basketball team will be playing for the national championship. No offense to U Conn or their fans, but I find it very hard not to cheer for a program like Butler which is a great example of what college basketball should be all about.

Every year, many elite high school MacDonald all american players decide to go to the glamorous schools such as Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky or Kansas in search of fame and glory. Many just play a few years before the ultimate prize comes, an NBA career comes knocking at the door with a nice big fat contract.  Winning a championship is great but moving up the ranks of the draft lottery is just if not more important. And going to class? Come on! Give me a break! The real classroom for them is on the court.

On the other hand, Butler and the other less elite programs of the nation very seldom recruit any of those 5 star players. Instead they look for players who fit into their system. Sometimes that might mean passing up on a very talented player but they are more concerned with getting players who put the value of team first and are willing to make sacrifices to help out team rather than their own personal glory.

Unlike the other elite programs that have many of their players only stay for a couple of years before declaring for the NBA draft,  the Butler kids, along with other small programs, have kids who are willing to stay in college for 4 years and earn their degrees.  When you have players stay and develop for 4 years, that can really pay dividends for teams looking to develop chemistry. And believe me, having good chemistry is the most important factor is developing a winning team.

I think the success of Butler is a great lesson for any college program in the country. Recruiting a bunch of prima donna players is not always the recipe for success.  Having a system with players working well together is always a proven way of winning in any sport.

I doubt Butler will win tomorrow night but their success for two years in a row is inspiring for all those out there like me who admire hard work, teamwork and making sacrifices. How can you not root for that?



Should the U.S. police the world?

A thought occurred to me the other night while watching the president’s speech concerning Libya.  Exactly where do we draw the line with regards to getting our military involved in other countries? What is the clear and precise definition of our national interests? And last but not least, what is the goal and victory is? I certainly agree with the president that we cannot just stand by and let a brutal dictator kill many thousands of innocent people, many of whom are women and children.  But if the U.S. is to get involved military, shouldn’t we go all out and oust Mr. Gadhafi instead of letting other countries do the dirty work for us? Gadhafi is a pure thug and a threat to U.S. interests and security.  His ouster should be the number one priority of any operation over there.

It seems like our priorities for military involvement around the world is rather confusing to say the least.  We just spent billions of dollars to help bring democracy to Iraq which certainly is a good thing but shouldn’t we focus in on our real enemy, Al Qaeda whose leaders and many members are not even in Iraq. Instead they are hiding out in Afghanistan and Pakistan and at this moment are probably plotting out another 9/11 attack on the U.S.  These terrorists are the real fish we should go after instead of worrying about little conflicts in other countries.  We should use our manpower and military might wisely instead of getting involved in these long, drawn out civil wars.  Having our resources zapped is exactly what Al Qaeda wants us to end up with.

Our military is the strongest in the world and it is a good thing that we are fighting the enemies away from U.S. soil.  But defining exactly which conflicts to get involved is very difficult and takes a great deal of planning. While we are the strongest military, other countries need to step to the plate also.  A strong and peaceful world is not only in our best interests but in the interests of other countries. We cannot do it along. Al Qaeda is looking to wipe out these countries as well.  Our real military focus right now is should be to destroy this group and other terrorists group who threaten our safety and national interests.  When these things are threatened we better police those terrorist groups before they grow and they end up policing us! Scary thought but it could happen.