My worst job ever

I’m sure most people have a story to share when the topic “worst job ever” comes up.  Perhaps it was something that I used to do at a public library, file books away and clean the bathrooms.  And believe me, there is nothing more gross or humbling than cleaning a public bathroom! And both bathrooms were equally disgusting! Or maybe you had a job where you had to work with some very obnoxious co-workers or had a very difficult boss to deal with.

Surprisingly, my worst job ever involved one of my favorite sports, basketball.  During my sophomore year of college,  the recreation director of the town I was attending college  needed some basketball officials for a men’s league.  Our coach explained to us that it would be only one night and week and we would get paid handsomely for just doing a few hours of work. Since I played college basketball and knew the rules pretty well, at least I thought I did! I jumped at the opportunity.  This is certain to be a pretty good gig, refereeing a bunch of fat middle-aged guys playing basketball. Boy was I wrong!!

Anybody who has ever watched a pickup game at their local health club can understand what I’m talking about. Grown men, who think they are better than they actually are,  whining, complaining or just arguing every call we made. Here you had guys who were doctors, lawyers, city officials acting like jerks on the court.  At first,  I was a little intimidated but after a few weeks,  I decided enough is enough and started calling technical fouls. Funny how that shut some of those guys up!

Eventually the season came to an end and that was the last of my basketball officiating career.  As a player, I get upset with officials calls. It only human nature if you are any bit competitive. But then I ask myself, what am I getting so upset about. This is only a GAME!!! But it is amazing to find so many guys around this country who raise their blood pressure way too high over a silly, little recreation game. I see it even in pickup games.  Maybe that is why they paid us so well to ref those games. But I would rather clean a public restroom. At least my mop will not verbally abuse me!!


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