Final thoughts on the Super Bowl and looking ahead

Well football fans, another season is in the history books and I have to take my hat off to the Green Bay Packers for doing what seemed to be the impossible. What are the odds that a team faces 6 elimination games in order to win the Super Bowl and survives each challenge? Every year a team emerges from the playoffs like the Packers, and wins the title.  They get hot at the right time and get on a roll.

Before I go into the game, it was a good thing that the game was exciting because the rest of  the events were far from anything super.  The pregame show was way too long, the national anthem was botched, the commercials were very lackluster and corny, more so than usual, and the halftime show was a complete joke.  It seemed like there were some major audio problems and the whole show was just extremely weird. Maybe next year, those who are responsible can do a little test run before hand?

I thought the game itself was very exciting which I expected.  Aaron Rodgers had a very solid game and is emerging as one of the top quarterbacks in the game. But I think the Green Bay defense was the biggest difference in the game. All year-long their defense has made huge plays to win games and this game was no exception. The forced fumble at the start of the 4th quarter was the difference in the game in my opinion.  Winning the takeaway game is vital to winning a football game. The Packers did it very well this year. Very similar to what New Orleans did last year.

The players and the fans of the Packers better enjoy this title and relish it because it could be another 20 years before they make another appearance. The NFL is loaded with parity and the Packers will now be the team to beat and get everyone’s A game. I heard people talk today about a dynasty for the Packers but I would not hold my breath.  They are a good team but not a great team. The load is loaded with a number of  good teams that are very capable of beating the Packers.  There has not been a repeat Super Bowl champ since the early 90’s.  I think that kind of parity is extremely healthy for the league. I just hope there is a season next year for all of us to enjoy.



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