Thoughts and predictions on the NFL playoffs

In a few short hours from now,  the best playoff  system in professional sports will begin with wild card weekend.  I have always considered the NFL playoffs to be the best because it boils down to a one game, win or go home system. Every game is a game 7.  The other sports have a playoff series and usually, the better will end up winning a longer series.  That especially holds true in the NBA.  The suspense and chance for an upset is greatly diminished with a playoff series.

This year’s NFL playoffs have a great pool of teams and maybe 7 or 8 have a great chance at going to the Super Bowl.  Sorry Seattle Sea Chickens!! A sub 500 team does not even deserve to make the playoffs! In the past, many teams such as Pittsburgh and New England have made the playoffs as a wild card and gone on to win the Super Bowl. It would not shock me if this happens again this year.  Even a 6th seed like Green Bay has a legitimate shot at going to Dallas. All of this parity will make for some very entertaining football in the next few weeks.

As a fan, I would love to see the following matchups during the conference championships. Philadelphia at Atlanta in the NFC game and Pittsburgh at New England in the AFC game.  Having Michael Vick return to Atlanta with a chance to reach the Super Bowl is something Hollywood could not even make up! And a New England, Pittsburgh matchup would be a classic. However, I doubt this will happen. I believe the New Orleans Saints will be playing in Atlanta for the NFC title. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh and New England will meet in the AFC game.  When all is said and done, Pittsburgh and Atlanta will be playing in the Superbowl with the Steelers winning another title.


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