Taxing the rich is not the answer

In many states such as the one that I am living in, Minnesota, there is a budget deficit and the outlook for the next few years does not look good. Our state will be electing a new governor in the fall and a certain campaign topic will be on how to handle the budget shortfall.

During our state’s legislative session which just wrapped up last week,  the leaders of the Democratic party came up with a brilliant idea of closing the deficit gap. Why not just increase the income taxes on anyone who is making over 250,000 a year? By doing this, we can raise nearly x amount in additional revenue and the budget will be balanced.  Simple idea right? Well not so fast!

I never have and never will understand why many Democrats and nearly all liberals subscribe to this theory of wealth distribution. They just do not get it! It has never worked for speeding up our economy and never will! They argue that so very wealthy have more money than they need and will not be affected by a tax increase. That is a complete myth and in all reality, it affects all of us, even those in the middle and the lower class.

Many of these people who are making 250,000 or more are small business owners. There are many of these folks, not only in my state,but in all states in this country. Increasing the financial burden on these people during a recession is just plain silly. By increasing their taxes, they are bound to cut other costs and that is usually in the form of jobs. Yes, the jobs that common folks such as the middle class and poor hold. Fewer jobs result in lesser revenue for the states.  So while you may get more additional revenue from taxing the rich,  you are certain to have a negative impact on job creation.  And do you think a person who is being taxed heavily will stay in a particular state? Those high earners will be certain to jump ship to another state.

I know many people have a negative view on the rich but if we are to get this economy to grow more, they should not be burdened with additional taxes. They are the people who create jobs, invest etc.. so that we can all have a better job and live a better life. The next time you hear some misinformed liberal talking about how the rich should be taxed more, tell them that they are full of crap!!

My mother’s special gift

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and on Sunday, many of us will remember our mothers for the many wonderful things they have done in our lives.  Just a simple phone call to mom can really make her day.  Everyone should do something special for our mother’s to thank them for the special people that they are.  Many people would not be who they are without a good mother, guiding and teaching them about the right way to live and how to act.  Behind every good and successful person is probably a woman who helped raise and teach that person about the proper way to conduct yourself in society.

My mother is probably the single, biggest influence on my life.  At an early age, she instilled in me and taught me good values. I did not always like what she said and often rebelled. She disciplined me often during my early years but those times of discipline and scolding in my early years turned out to be a very positive thing in my life. I do not have any children but I know why disciplining your children at such an early age is so important.  I grew up becoming a better person because of it.

But the one trait I really admire about my mother is her generosity. She might be the most generous human being on this planet.  She was very blessed to have worked for a good company for many years and was able to retire in good financial shape, even purchasing her own house after she  retired.  But the remarkable thing about my mom and her money is her willingness to share it with others. She is constantly giving her children and grandchildren money and making sure we can go out and buy nice things too. It does not stop with her family either.  My mom has always been a good giver to various church charities and helping those in need.  She feels that it is her duty to share her blessings with other people.

And it is not with just money. My mother spends a lot of time babysitting her grandchildren which is not always the easiest chore when several of them are extremely young. She has also volunteered her time with the local soup kitchen and always volunteers her time at the church. If there is a way for her to share her abundant amount of blessings, she will in order to help others.

My mother may not think I notice but I do.  I really admire her for being generous with not only her money, but doing little things to assist people. Believe me, my family watches her do these things and it inspires us to continue and follow her example. My mother will not always be around  when I get older but she has left a tremendous example for anyone to follow.  In these days of greed and selfishness, my mom is one of a kind.

Arizona’s immigration law

Unless you have been living under a rock, it is hard to not notice what has been going on nationally with the new immigration law put forth in Arizona which gives authorities the right question people who they feel are in this country illegally.  During the past week,  many people have cried out about how unfair the new law is and how it profiles minorities in a certain way. Even some politicians, such as the mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul have encouraged people to simply boycott Arizona and not travel there.

I find it very appalling and almost comical that these critics of the new law would have the nerve to defend an illegal action. I was from Mexico and was living here, my green card would be in my possession at all times, like it is supposed to be. If someone asks me for proof of citizenship, all I have to do is take it out and show the authorities and that is the end of the story. If I do not have my card because I am illegally living here, then the authorities have every right to question and I should be sent back to Mexico. It is not being racist, it is the law people, period!! If you want to live in this country, go through the proper channels and do it legally!!

I commend the governor of Arizona for trying to tackle this situation while the Federal government does not have a clue on what to do about this situation. Ask most people who live in Arizona and they can tell you about the problems of illegal aliens and their impact on the quality of life in that state.  Crime has increased dramatically, social services are being stretched to the max and the state is being bankrupted by this influx of people from across the border.  Steps have to be taken or else this problem with grow out of control and affect other states as well.

There are many fine, hard-working people from Mexico who live here legally and they are among the best workers I have ever seen. I know a few of them. It is unfortunate that a group of illegal aliens ruin it for them as well as putting a burden on taxpayers.  The real outrage should be on those who want to come into this country to free load on our system.

Maybe the mayors of St. Paul and Minneapolis would have a different view on this situation if a bunch of illegal aliens came across the border from Canada and started living here.  I wonder how they would feel if all sudden we had too many people living here and not enough jobs.  And what if the crime rate started to jump up like in Phoenix? Perhaps these mayors would reconsider their boycott.  A plan for dealing with illegal immigrants needs to be put into place soon because it affects everyone who lives here legally.