Misconceptions about Christianity

This coming weekend will mark a very special time for millions of  Christians around the world. It is the Easter holiday and many people of the Christian faith will observe the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, Christianity has been under increasing attack, especially in this country.

A few months ago, I read a blog from a gentleman who blamed Christianity for nearly all the problems in the world. He even called the bible, a book of lies and outdated.  While people like this gentleman are entitled to their opinion, I found it rather disturbing that this guy seemed to be very short on facts about the bible and the faith alone. Many people who blog and write nasty things about Christianity and Christians seem to know very little about the religion and have very limited facts to back up their claims.

I can understand why people can be skeptical about Christians. Several sexual abuse cases have risen in the past few years, along with acts of immoral behavior by pastors and church leaders.  These acts are in direct violation of the teachings of Jesus Christ and th0se people need to be held accountable for their actions.  They give Christianity a black eye.  But do not judge the faith by a few isolated incidents. There are millions of Christians around the world who do awesome things for mankind. Many help out the poor or those in need.  There are many who witness to people who are near rock bottom in their lives. Those little meetings have changed many people’s lives around for the better. Yet, it is very seldom mentioned in the press or newspapers. Only the negative stuff.

Real Christianity is about love, kindness, forgiveness, reaching out to others in need, honesty, humility and integrity. The bible teaches us many times about the importance of those traits. In this ever-increasing world of hate, selfishness, greed and violence, the bible is basically the blueprint of how to live your life.  Our world would be so much better if more people adopted some of these important principles of the Christian faith.

It is very sad to see how many people are trying to eliminate any mention of Christianity in our lives. Just last December, a school just south of Minneapolis banned the word Christmas from being mentioned in school. And of course, there are many cases of crosses being banned in public places. Or statues of the ten commandments being taken down. I find it very ironic that we can post a nasty billboard off the freeway or downtown area of some immoral advertisement and yet,  it is not politically correct to have a statue of  a symbol of the Christian religion in a public place. There is a huge double standard going on here!!

I strongly believe that each person’s faith is largely a private manner and nobody should be forced to follow any religion.  However, for those people like the blogger, who think it is organized religion, like Christianity that is the source of the many problems of this world, I challenged them to actually study what the Christian faith is really about. Or better yet, experience it! It may a life changing experience that you will never forget.


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