The party crashers deserve no cash

A rather unusual story came out last week about the couple who decided to crash the state dinner and ended up getting away with it. They were even able to meet the President and have their photos taken.  Of course, this raised several questions about the security at the White House or lack of it. Is it just me or is anyone else out there getting sick and tired of these people who are just looking for their 15 minutes of fame?

The sad thing about this story is that the couple is now taking bids for their story and probably will rake in some big bucks.  It is a sad day in our country when people can do something illegal like that and get rewarded handsomely. The media is treating this couple like they are a couple of celebrities and that is not right either.  The crashers are nothing but a couple of self promoters who really deserve some serious jail time and absolutely no interview with any network.  Hopefully, the networks will do all of us a favor and not give these individuals any more attention.  A network would be foolish to even give them a dime for their story!

About the only silver lining to this story is it may have exposed a serious security breach and in the future, may have saved the life of the President or future Presidents.  Imagine the disgrace the Secret Service would have been through if they were indeed terrorists? But fortunately, the crashers are nothing more than a couple of attention grabbing people who are just out for their own glory.  They deserve a harsh sentence so that a strong statement will be sent out to others who are foolish enough to try similar actions. Imagine what would of happened to them if this was Iran? They may not have lived to tell their story!

My 2009 Turkey of the Year Awards

Thanksgiving is typically a time of year when our thoughts turn to turkey along with all the other goodies that are tied in with a delicious Thanksgiving day meal. However, the word turkey can also be a defining term to label someone who does something foolish or stupid.  You do not have to look far to find a story about an individual or group of people who fit the word, turkey, especially when it comes to celebrities.  I would like to share my thoughts on some of the people whom I see are very deserving of being called a turkey this year. And the person(s) who in my opinion, are the head turkeys of the year.

1. Major League baseball umpires.

After watching a ton of blown calls this year in major league baseball, I say, let’s get instant replay into baseball. They certainly need it!! Or force all the umpires to get a lengthy eye exam. It was especially disturbing to see all of those missed calls during the playoff series. If those are the best umpires that major league baseball can put out on the field, that league is in big trouble!

2. Bernie Madoff

I have a particular disdain for dishonest people like Madoff who run these Ponzi schemes and rip off many investors.  Every year, it seems like someone gets caught running one of these schemes. These people obviously have no conscience to speak of at all.  I also have to put some of the investors at fault too. If you are getting an abnormally high rate of return on your investment, something should tell you to raise the red flag.

3. Jimmy Carter

A long overdue mention for this guy. During an interview this year, former President Carter added to his legend by making a very silly remark about the growing opposition to some of President Obama’s policies. He said that it might be because of racism.  In doing so, Carter insulted many Americans including myself.  But since Carter is a liberal Democrat, I guess I was not surprised that it came out of his mouth. They always like to deflect the blame to someone else.

4. Kanye West

During the Video Music Awards, West jumped up on stage and interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech.  He yelled that Beyoncé deserved the award.  One of the most classless moments I have ever seen during an awards ceremony.

Runner Up,  The YouTube  thugs

These group of teenagers from Saint Paul Minnesota get my vote for being the stupidest criminals of all time. I am not sure if people outside of Minnesota have heard about this story, but it bears reviewing.  About a few weeks ago, several teenagers decided to videotape themselves and then proceeded to go out and assault people, all while one of the members of the group was videotaping the assaults.  This is nothing new, right? Well they decided to post their accomplishments on YouTube for the whole world to see. I think the police may have enjoyed the videos as well. Believe me, most people in this state are not that stupid. Because they are juveniles, I will cut them some slack and not give them the top honor.

The Grand Prize Winner,  The Balloon Boy parents, Mr and Mrs. Richard Heene.

Everyone probably remembers that day a few months ago when these individuals decided to play a little hoax on the country with their little son.  These fools deserve the award for a couple of reasons. The first is that they are big time self promoters who are out for their 15 minutes of fame. I personally have no tolerance for people like that. But the biggest reason they win the award is the way they put their son out to dry in front of the nation. I really felt sorry for the little guy! What type of example are they teaching their son by doing this? Not only are they turkeys, they are extremely lousy parents who deserve some jail time.

Honorable Mention:  Joe Wilson, Nancy Pelosi, Rob Blagojevich, David Letterman, Keith Olbermann






The diagnosis of Obamacare is not good

Like many Americans around the country, I have been watching the health care debate with a good amount of interest.  Our health care system is not perfect and I agree, there are parts of it which need reform but does that mean we should have a massive overhaul of the system. I think not!!! I think the people out there,who think this bill will greatly improve the system, are extremely delusional and need to take off their radical left-wing glasses!

The first obvious question I have is how are they going to fund this bill.  It has been mentioned that they will use massive cuts to medicare to help pay for the overhaul. Oh really!! So the people who most need medical care, our seniors will be screwed by this plan! That is a terrible way of  treating the older generation in this country! I anticipate there will be all sorts of taxes levied to help further pay for this plan and believe me, the middle class will be affected contrary to what the President says. How else are they going to pay for this massive plan?

One of the things that really caught my eye on the house version of bill was that all Americans will be required to have some sort of health insurance.  Also businesses will be required to provide health insurance for their employees or face a stiff fine. First of all, why should every person in this country be required to carry health insurance? Is that even legal under the constitution? Many people, especially young people, simply cannot afford the premiums and elect not to have health insurance. And for many of them, their medical expenses are far lower than their premiums. So they will be greatly affected by this proposal.

Several small business owners in this country cannot afford to pay health insurance to its employees and will have a tough time making it if they are forced to provide coverage or face a fine. Like many companies who have added expenses to deal with, the solution is usually to trim their payroll and that is sure to happen.  Imagine that scenario with the already high unemployment numbers. And I am sure many businesses will be further taxed to help fund this bill. This bill is sure to be a job killer.

In summary, I just think there has to be a better way. It is very unfortunate to see that only one Republican voted for this bill and several Democrats voted against it.  This bill will affect 1/6 of our economy and we do not need politics to stand in the way of what is right for the American people. Over half of Americans did not favor the House bill yet many Democrats ignored the voices of the people.  Hopefully those who voted for the bill will get voted out of office.  Republicans and Democrats need to come together on a non-partisan bill that will work for all Americans.  Is this possible?, I have my doubts.



Thank you Veterans!!

This Wednesday will mark a very special day which is often overlooked on the calendar. It is Veterans Day and for most people, it is just another day to get up and go to work or school. Unfortunately, this day is often forgotten for what it really means.

Throughout the course of the this country, many brave men and women have made the decision to join the military and in many cases, have been thrown into a theater of war.  Since our military is a strictly volunteer military, the decision to join was theirs.  So many just felt it was their patriotic duty to serve this country and defend our freedoms. For that, I really tip my cap to the many outstanding soldiers who have made such great sacrifices for this country. These people are real heroes in my book.  Their time and commitment is why we can walk around and not worry about being attacked such as the case in many countries.

Being away from your family and loved ones for an extended period of time can be rough on anyone.  Think of those soldiers who go off to Iraq and Afghanistan for tour duty. Many are away for over a year.  So many of the soldiers have a wife and young children that they are leaving behind.  Once again, nobody forces them to join the military and do this.  But these individuals are what makes this country the special place it is.

If I were an employer of a company, I would give any veteran who worked for me, the day off with pay. No doubt about it.  I wish more people would show gratitude to the many thousands of men and women who have served.  Maybe just a small thing like walking up to a veteran and shaking his or her hand.  These people deserved to be recognized for the truly special people they are.

The Fort Hood shootings

It happened again! In another incident of mass shootings, a disturbed army worker takes out a gun and fires away in a crowded area, killing 13 people and injuring several more.  Before I ramble on, I would like to extend my condolences to the families of the slain and to the victims who survived this attack but whose lives will never be the same.  A mother who lost her son in this attack pretty much summed up the attack by saying this not what members of the army expect while on home soil.  This stuff should only happen when they are at war over in Afghanistan and Iraq, not while they are in the supposedly comforts of this country. It is a sad and needless tragedy and several questions need to be answered.

The most obvious question is what type of background check was done on this guy. Any member of the military who posts stuff on the internet about their admiration for suicide bombers should be checked out immediately and even considered for discharge. He also expressed opposition to the wars which is a slap in the face to his fellow soldiers over seas who are laying their lives on the line for this country. That should also be grounds for dismissal. Someone seriously dropped the ball here and this procedure needs to be looked at asap! Who knows how many other members of the military are radical Islamic sympathisers.  This is a national security issue which affects everyone in this country.

The sad thing about this tragedy is that it once again portrays all Muslims as being nothing more than just a bunch of thugs who are out to kill for their religion.  I do not believe all Muslims are violent people.  There are probably several thousand Muslims in our military who are very good soldiers and will do anything to protect our freedoms.  However, it is unfortunate that there is growing surge of radical Islamic people in this world would like nothing more than to destroy our country.  These thugs ruin it for the for vast majority of good Muslims.  We need to weed these people out of the military before something even more tragic than this occurs.

This man essentially committed treason against the United States and should be punished accordingly. Giving him the death sentence is taking the easy way out. He will be viewed as a martyr and a hero by those radical extremists. Instead, he should be locked away in prison for the rest of his life for not only turning his back against the Army, but his own religion.

Those computerholics

Everyone out there probably knows someone who has this disease. Maybe you are one of them who has become stricken with this addiction.  Do you spend more than 1 hour a day on your personal computer (non-work related)? Then you are what I call a computerholic.

I recently read a little survey about what personal items people could not do without. As you might have guessed, the cell phone, blackberry and personal computer came out on top. It seems these days that more people are ditching the television in favor of the laptop or desktop for their favorite form of entertainment.  I can say that I am one of those many millions who are following that trend.  I have nothing against watching television but sometimes it seems like the same old stuff is on, over and over.  I find it very difficult to spend more than an hour watching a television program unless it is a very good game or movie.  Now when I am on my computer,  I feel like I have access to many more ways of entertaining myself.  I am like many millions of people who have a Facebook and MySpace account.  I check up on what my friends are doing without even picking up the phone! Those two sites can become very addicting, believe me! And soon within the next week or so, I will be joining Twitter.  Besides many social networking sites, there are so many things to look at on the internet, news, sports, weather, games, chatting, YouTube, music, blogs. The list is endless.

Unfortunately, some people spend way too much time on their computer and forget that life does exist away from the computer screen.  Instead of wasting a nice fall afternoon indoors in front of the computer, get out and take a nice long hike in the woods. You will certainly burn more calories!!  Or spend time actually doing something constructive in your life. Like clean the garage or the house.  Sitting in front of the computer can be the biggest waste of time for a person. There is so much more to experience in life!

Addiction to the computer is a growing trend in this country especially with younger people. I just think that it is important to have some balance in your life.  I spend 8+ hours at work looking a computer screen. Sometimes the last thing I want to do at night is turn on my computer.  I always find that having certain activities and hobbies outside of my work prevent me from being bored and thus logging onto my computer constantly.  Being busy with a number of hobbies is always the best cure for this disease.