The Twins playoff failures

During the last few days, there has been a lot of discussion around here about the Minnesota Twins sudden departure from the playoffs. People in the media are mostly split about the season and whether it was a success or not. Of course, most of the focus has been on the continuing losing streak the Twins have had in the playoffs. Now it is 9 straight including 8 at home.  The Metrodome used to be a house of horrors for opposing teams during their 2 World Series championships. Now it is shocking to see them lose that many in a row at the Dome during the playoffs. But the truth is, is anyone really surprised?

The Twins are a nice young ballclub that has really captured the hearts of people in this area. The overcame several injuries to win a very weak AL central. One thing that I have always been impressed with, is the grit and determination of this team. They never give up in any game, even if they are several runs down. People love that in a team. But unfortunately that has not gotten them anywhere when it comes to the playoffs.  It is one thing to win a tie breaking game against Detroit, it is another thing to go up against the Yankees or Angels and beat them in a playoff series.  This has been the case for several years with this club. They are just not good enough to get out the first round and fans should express their concern about this.

I am personally calling out the cheap management of this team to go out and do more in the offseason to ensure they have a shot to compete with the big boys of baseball. First of all, sign Joe Mauer to a long term contract. There is no guarantee he will stay here. By signing him to an extended long term deal, you are telling the fans of Minnesota that you are serious about building a strong contender for years. But this cheap organization will probably just waffle on this issue until it is too late and he ends up with Boston or New York.  Give this guy the keys to the city if you have to! I think they should also go out and find  a veteran pitcher to add to the staff and maybe add some help to the infield.  They are not really that far off from becoming a serious contender. Maybe just signing a few good players will do the trick. With the team moving into a new stadium next year, they should be able to generate enough money to sign more quality free agents. The owners of this team should take a clue from the other pro sports owners in this town and open up their checkbooks.  But this has always been the cheapest team in baseball for many years and I doubt it will change soon.

The bar on this team should go much higher. I am not interested in watching some gusty little team win a weak division and continually get knocked out in the first round.  That stuff gets old in a hurry! Fans are interested in a team reaching a higher and higher level each year. The same old status quo has got to go. Set your sights on beating the Yankees, Red Sox and Angels instead of the Tigers and White Sox.  And just open up the wallet for once!


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