Obama’s back to school speech is somewhat useless

In the last few days, there has been somewhat of an uproar over the speech that President Obama will be delivering to school kids. Many folks on the far right are criticizing the president for possibly using the speech to promote his own agenda.  These people need to settle down and just relax. I really do not have any problem with him giving a little pep talk to students, however, my question is, Do any of the students really give a rip about what a president says to them about school? They hear the same old speech time and time again and most of them will probably just lend a deaf ear to the president.

Now if  Hannah Montana or a famous athlete like Tiger Woods or Lebron James would give a speech about the values of working hard in school, that might get more students attention. But I find it hard to believe that having a president lecture the kids of this country will really do any good.  Kids should be inspired to do well in school by their parents and teachers, not some president or famous celebrity.

The area of concern that many people have is whether he would try to push his own agenda on the kids. I strongly believe that trying push a political ideology on students is not right and there is no place for that in school.  If he actually tried to do this, he should be strongly criticized for trying to promote himself and his radical left wing views. However, I do not think this will happen. In the meantime, leave the pep talks to the parents.


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