The Minnesota state fair is awesome!!

I think nearly everyone enjoys going to a fair for some reason or another.  For some folks, it is because of the countless rides and entertainment booths. Others simply go to enjoy all the deep fried food and the great opportunity to people watch.  I enjoy all of the above and that is why I enjoy going to a fair.  The atmosphere is like one big party and most people seem to be enjoying themselves and having a great time. You cannot beat that type of setting.

Here in Minnesota, we have an annual event which takes place for 12 days each year, Labor Day always being the last day. It is our annual state fair and it is one of the largest in the country.  Yesterday, nearly 189,000 people attended and it is something I really enjoy going to each year. In fact, I usually attend at least a few times ever year. Going once is just not enough!

Probably my favorite part of the fair is all the great food, many of which are on a stick.  Sure the food in many cases would make many doctors scream in horror but that does not stop me from enjoying all those great deep fried items. Yesterday, I had a big slab of bacon on a stick which was absolutely delicious! And of course, the pork chops on a stick are second to none. The seasoning that is put on them really rocks.  The corn on cob on a stick is awesome too.  If you are a sweet tooth, the sweet Martha’s cookies ranks up there as well as some of the ice cream stands. I am addicted to ice cream so I might be a little impartial in my opinion. If you like to eat, the fair is the place to be.  You will be in heaven!

If you like to people watch, you will be in heaven too. You see all types of people, young and old, fat and skinny, attractive and ugly. You name it.  I always find it fascinating to look at what people are wearing.  The best shirt I saw yesterday was that of a young man who had on a Brett Favre t-shirt.  The letters and the number 4 were upside down. Obviously someone from Wisconsin! I find it rather hard to believe that so many people wear flip flops to the fair.  If I walked around for that long in flip flops, my feet would be a mess.

Of course the booths and exhibits are great too.  There are so many to visit and check out. One of the biggest attractions is the miracle of birth area where a live animal is born.  A great event for younger children to attend.

Last but least, what would a fair be without all those rides. I have to admit, I am the biggest chicken in the world when it comes to rides.  How some people actually have the nerve to go on those rides is beyond me!! Especially on a full stomach!! But some people are thrill seekers. I am just not one of them.

So as you can see, the fair has something for just about anybody. It just goes by too soon. Whenever I drive by the fair site in the winter, I always have great thoughts in my mind about those fun 12 days of summer.


Golf is a lousy spectator sport

There are certain sports that I would much rather attend in person as opposed to viewing on television.  Hockey for instance, is a sport which is so much better to watch in person.  I cannot think of too many sports that are so viewer unfriendly than a hockey game.  It is almost impossible to follow the exact location of the puck.  Basketball and football games are better to watch in person because of the atmosphere of the arena or stadium. There is nothing wrong with watching them on television but nothing beats the atmosphere of being in a sold out arena or stadium with several thousand loud and screaming fans.  Just as long as the person sitting next to you is not some drunk idiot!!

Golf on the other hand is totally different.  I was lucky enough to be able to attend the final round of the PGA tournament last weekend and witness one of the greatest upsets in sports history.  Attending a golf tournament is great because you can get very close to the golfers if you play your cards right.  I was very fortunate to be very close to the tee box on a few occasions and watch Tiger Woods tee off.  As an avid golfer and fan of the PGA tour, the chance to see Woods up close like that was a real treat.  It was amazing to see the contrast between Woods and Y.E. Yang and their facial expressions. Yang looked like he was just out for a round of golf with his buddies and looked very loose.  Woods was very focused and I could sense some frustration in his face, especially on the 18th tee box.

Although it is great to do what I did and pick out a few spots to stay at, forget about trying to follow your favorite golfer around the course. It is next to impossible! There were about people lined up about 15 deep on every green that Woods and Yang were at. I could not see a thing and could only listen to the crowd’s reaction on whether they made a putt or not. That pretty much sums up what attending a golf event is like.  I found myself watching the scoreboard just as much as I did watching the guys come by and hit their shots. It is very hard to see what is going on and follow the action

Viewing a tournament on television is what makes golf a great television sport. I like to hear watch is going on every hole and get updates when someone makes a great shot. The golf coverage does that and more.  They do an excellent job of breaking down the action. A viewer is well informed as to what is going on.  If you are actually at the tournament, it is nearly impossible to follow the live action.  I guess that will be always be the case with golf. It is definitely a sport made for televison.

Brett Favre joins the Vikings

As a long time Vikings fan, I have to admit I was very excited and little bit taken by surprise with the news of old number 4 coming to Minnesota.  A few weeks ago, I was somewhat disappointed with the news that he would stay retired but did anybody out there really think he would stay retired?  After all, he went through arm surgery and all indications seemed to be that he was trying to get into shape for the upcoming season. Why would a guy go through all that hassle and work to just stay retired?  Even after he announced a few weeks ago that he was not going to the join the Vikings, I honestly thought this would not be the end of it and sure enough, he suddenly showed up with the team.

Many Vikings fans like myself love the idea of having him on the Vikings while others, simply are against it .   Some fans have even  announced that the are no longer fans of the Vikings.  Then STAY OFF THE BANDWAGON!! If you switch allegiance to the Packers or Bears, great! Then come midseason when both teams are struggling and the Vikings have nearly clinched the division, don’t come knocking on the door and wanting back in!

I commend the Vikings organization for at least trying to spend money and win a championship. This move could blow up and not work out. I am fully aware of this but at least they are trying.  You always want to try and make your team better. With Favre out there for the taking, this will certainly make this team better. Prior to getting hurt last season, he was having a decent season and a few years ago, I thought he was one of the top quarterbacks in the league. I still feel this guy can play and he will not have to carry the Vikings.  Having Favre as the qb will make Adrian Peterson even more dangerous. Teams will not be able to load up in the box like they did last year. With a sold defense, a strong running game and now, a good veteran quarterback, this team should be a Super Bowl contender.

I have never seen this much excitement prior to a Vikings season. Those games against the hated Packers will be very odd having Favre on our side. I used to both hate and fear the guy when he played for Green Bay.  Now that he is with us, I hope he lights up the Packers. Those games with the Packers this year will be classics and the league must be overjoyed with him returning.  Things may not work out with Favre but what is the alternative at quarterback for the Vikings? 3 backup quarterbacks? I will take my chances with the future hall of famer.

The health club shootings and the lonely killer

A rather stunning story occured in the news the other night when a guy walked into a health club and opened fire, killing 3 innocent women.  First of all, I want to extend my condolences to the families of the victims of this awful tragedy. This could of happened at any health club in the country and unfortunately, it will probably happen somewhere again. It is a very disturbing trend in this country and I do not know what the answer is to stop this type of violence.

Yesterday, I read an article and watched a news story about the killer, George Sodini.  Apparently, he was really despondent about getting rejected by women. This is a problem that thousands of guys around the country have.  Sodini complained that there are probably 30 million desirable women in this country and I cannot find one. He even mentioned that no one finds him attractive and he had not been in a relationship for nearly 25  years.

At first glance, Sodini seems like a decent guy who should be able to find someone. I am not a great judge of men’s looks, I will leave that to my female friends, but I think he was rather average looking at best.  I don’t really feel women were put off by his looks at all.  He also had a decent job and had a fairly nice home from what I saw of  the video clips. However, in his video, I saw and learned a few things about him which were his downfall and probably led to his rejection by women.

First of all, he seemed like a very desperate man.  I could just sense it in his video and by his facial expressions.  I always find that women can sense when a guy is desperate and that is a REAL BIG TURNOFF!!  I am willing to bet, he went to that health club everyday and used it as a pickup place.  Most women do not want to be bothered when they are working out and all hot and sweaty.  He was probably turned down a number of times and that only added fuel to his rage.

I also understand that he liked to date much younger women and that was another problem of his.  What are the chances of having a desperate 48 year old guy getting into a relationship with a 28 year old woman? Virtually none unless it is for a one night stand.  This guy also looked all of 48 and even older. When you are an older guy and look even older than your age, your chances with the younger babes are slim to none. He should of paid more attention to women near his age.  I don’t understand why he only liked women who were under 35.

Finally, this guy had the same problem and attitude that so many guys in this country have. They are all about material things.  In one of his videos,  he gave us a tour of his place and mentioned what was in store for the lucky woman.  When you have to resort to that kind of propaganda, you are a very shallow man and deserve to be single and alone. I find it amazing that so many guys think they have to impress women with all the toys they have.  The real key in picking up women is showing them what kind of heart you have and what is inside of you.  Not what is on the outside or inside of your home!

Finding someone to date should not be that difficult these days. The internet is filled with several dating sites and if you really put in the effort and are a decent person, you should have some luck whether you are a man or a woman.   This guy obviously needed some tips on dating 101 and how to meet women. Instead of hanging out a health club and drooling over younger women, he should of  maybe joined a volunteer group or a church singles group and tried to meet women his own age.  Most guys who are constantly being rejected are simply delusional about themselves and their chances.

The cash for clunkers program is great but..

If you have noticed that your local car dealership has been rather busy of late, you are not alone. Thousands of dealerships around the country are taking part in a program called cash for clunkers, which enables a person with a huge gas guzzling vehicle to trade it in and get a newer, more fuel efficient vehicle and on top of that, get a nice little $4500 rebate check from the government.

At first glance,  I thought this was a pretty clever idea but now, I am having several doubts about whether this program is really even worth it and what is it really accomplishing.  Sure it is really helping stimulate the economy and getting people to buy vehicles again. It has given the automotive industry a huge shot in the arm and put several people back to work again. But I believe this is just another temporary fix to a long term problem.  This program will only last another month or so and what happens after the program stops? How will the automotive industry handle the sudden drop in demand?  If the economic conditions stay the same, these companies will be back to square one and will be desperate again.

I agree that we need more fuel efficient vehicles on the road but will we really save on the amount of gasoline used over the long haul? Who is to say that these people with the more fuel efficient cars will drive more since they can put on more miles with the same amount of money they used to spend on gas. I know if I bought a more fuel efficient car with a higher mpg, I would tend to think about taking more road trips and using my car more often. Unfortunately, the government is not giving us any data to show how much we are really saving by using this program. I heard in independent tests that the amount is rather small.

There are two really big drawbacks to this program. First of all, there are several nice used cars which are suddenly put out of commission by having the motor of the vehicle rendered useless.  In these tough economic times, many families in need of a new vehicle simply cannot afford one and the demand for used vehicles will be even greater.  With the demand for used vehicles increasing, the cost will rise and put many low income families in a bind. I find it ironic that the same Democratic party who basically came up with this plan and are the so called party of the poor, suddenly are putting low income car buyers in a tough spot.

The second and most obvious problem with the program is the cost to the tax payers of this country.  This program will cost some 2 billion dollars and can we really afford it? We are already nearly a trillion dollars in debt and climbing. Sure this program will give some but not all Americans a break, but soon, we will have to all pay this money back.  I just want to know if this is really worth it. As a tax payer in this country, I demand that the Obama administration give us some facts about the real impact of this program.