Is Government health insurance really the answer?

There has been a great deal of talk in the past week about health care reform and what to do with the ever increasing cost of health care in this country.  I definitely agree that it is a problem and some solution must be made.  I know that for many businesses, the cost of employee health care is rising and many employers simply cannot keep up with the ever increasing costs. This fact alone really affects our economy with fewer workers being hired.

But does anyone out there really believe that the solution to cut costs is to have a government led health insurance plan such as the one proposed by the president? Since when has a universal health system really worked?  I would like someone to give me some examples.  It has created several problems in Canada and England and  few states in this country have tried it only to get rid of it after a short time.  Why try something that has a proven record of failure? I just do not get it!!

The argument for this plan is that it will give people more choices and that people can still keep their own insurance plans. I find that very difficult to believe.  Do you think that private insurance companies can really compete with a government backed plan?  I personally feel it will knock out many plans and give us fewer choices.  Soon, the only plan left will be the government’s plan which will be forced on people.  Imagine what it would be like to have that sort of plan.  Having a bunch of bureaucrats determine what sort of coverage I need is not what I want or need.  What if I was an senior citizen who needed heart surgery but the panel determined that I was too old and heart surgery would be too costly?  These type of scenarios are almost guaranteed to happen under this proposed plan of  President Obama’s.

Part of the goal of this plan is to insure all Americans including the alleged 50 million people who do not have health care.  If all 50 million people suddenly get coverage, are we going to start hiring more doctors to cover the sudden onslaught of patients?  I have heard horror stories about people having to get onto some sort of waiting list in order to get treatment. If I have a problem, I want it treated right away!! I do not want to wait for 6 months. By then, the problem may get worse and more costly to treat.

The whole reason to get health insurance is for any catastrophic thing that may happen to someone.  A big problem with many health insurance plans is that they are mandated to cover so many little things by law and that really drives up the cost.  I am a healthy, non-smoking male who needs very little insurance. I do not need coverage for when I break my toe nail!! I believe strongly that we as Americans need more options for our health coverage.  It should be just like purchasing anything in a capitalist society.  By having more competition and choices, prices are due to be held in check. It is one of the great benefits of capitalism.  Instead the government has to step and ruin everything.

In summary, I hope this plan of the president’s fails and is it seems people are waking up to  his scheme.  It is costly and will not help control costs at all.  In independent studies, there has been no proof that it will control costs.  Our country cannot afford this silly plan. There has to be a better way.


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