Life after Brett Favre

For Vikings fans, the news of Brett Favre’s  decision to remain retired was like a quick punch to the gut.  It is kind of like spending months dreaming of asking that hot blond in your class to the prom only to be turned down. Now it is time to go back to plan b and ask your female friend with the nerdy glasses and acne if she would go.  Certainly not your first choice but at least you will be going with someone.

As a Vikings fan, I had a feeling something like this was going to happen. Everyone was saying that his signing with the Vikings was imminent but something just did not seem right. There seemed to be too much uncertainty about his arm and health. If he really wanted to play here, he would of  signed much earlier. Any mention of doubt with a professional athlete is usually a bad sign and after hearing reports that he was struggling with his decision, I had a feeling he was going to announce that he was staying retired.

My biggest disappointed is the fact that he could of  really helped this football team.  Even if he was at 75% of his former self, he was an upgrade at the quarterback position over what the Vikings have now.  Forget about the additional business he would of created for team.  His addition would have made the Vikings one of the top 5 teams in the league and certain Super Bowl contenders. But now,  the Vikings will have to rely on a bunch of backups to do the job at quarterback.  They have talent everywhere except at one of the most important positions.  Maybe I am wrong, but does anyone have confidence in those quarterbacks they currently have?

I really find it hard to believe that Favre will stay completely retired.  After a few games with mediocre play by the Vikings quarterbacks, the urge to get Favre to come out of retirement and play will become greater and greater.  He would love the attention and the chance to come into the Twin Cities on a white horse and save the Vikings.  So Vikings fans,  don’t feel totally down.  This is what Favre wants. He said he is not ready for a whole 16 game season. But how about just an eight game season? Stay tuned, it could happen.

Is Government health insurance really the answer?

There has been a great deal of talk in the past week about health care reform and what to do with the ever increasing cost of health care in this country.  I definitely agree that it is a problem and some solution must be made.  I know that for many businesses, the cost of employee health care is rising and many employers simply cannot keep up with the ever increasing costs. This fact alone really affects our economy with fewer workers being hired.

But does anyone out there really believe that the solution to cut costs is to have a government led health insurance plan such as the one proposed by the president? Since when has a universal health system really worked?  I would like someone to give me some examples.  It has created several problems in Canada and England and  few states in this country have tried it only to get rid of it after a short time.  Why try something that has a proven record of failure? I just do not get it!!

The argument for this plan is that it will give people more choices and that people can still keep their own insurance plans. I find that very difficult to believe.  Do you think that private insurance companies can really compete with a government backed plan?  I personally feel it will knock out many plans and give us fewer choices.  Soon, the only plan left will be the government’s plan which will be forced on people.  Imagine what it would be like to have that sort of plan.  Having a bunch of bureaucrats determine what sort of coverage I need is not what I want or need.  What if I was an senior citizen who needed heart surgery but the panel determined that I was too old and heart surgery would be too costly?  These type of scenarios are almost guaranteed to happen under this proposed plan of  President Obama’s.

Part of the goal of this plan is to insure all Americans including the alleged 50 million people who do not have health care.  If all 50 million people suddenly get coverage, are we going to start hiring more doctors to cover the sudden onslaught of patients?  I have heard horror stories about people having to get onto some sort of waiting list in order to get treatment. If I have a problem, I want it treated right away!! I do not want to wait for 6 months. By then, the problem may get worse and more costly to treat.

The whole reason to get health insurance is for any catastrophic thing that may happen to someone.  A big problem with many health insurance plans is that they are mandated to cover so many little things by law and that really drives up the cost.  I am a healthy, non-smoking male who needs very little insurance. I do not need coverage for when I break my toe nail!! I believe strongly that we as Americans need more options for our health coverage.  It should be just like purchasing anything in a capitalist society.  By having more competition and choices, prices are due to be held in check. It is one of the great benefits of capitalism.  Instead the government has to step and ruin everything.

In summary, I hope this plan of the president’s fails and is it seems people are waking up to  his scheme.  It is costly and will not help control costs at all.  In independent studies, there has been no proof that it will control costs.  Our country cannot afford this silly plan. There has to be a better way.

My first night of camping

Summer is a great time for a number of fun and exciting things outdoors. One of the most popular outdoor activities for folks here in Minnesota is camping. We have several nice state parks and campgrounds which always attracts many visitors during the summer months. After being couped up inside for so many months, people in this state are love to spend time outdoors and camp.

In the mid to late 90’s, my parents became avid campers and even decided to buy their own camper. It was amazing to see a couple in their 50’s of all sudden develop a love for something that suddenly. I was very surprised and figured they were just going through a certain phase in their lives.  I never figured they were the type of people who dared to venture from the comforts of their living room and into nature.  I never thought my dad would ever give up his lazy boy for a night in the camper but I was dead wrong.

For the 4th of July weekend, 2002.  My parents talked to me about joining them for a few nights of camping at a state park in northern Minnesota. At first I thought no way!  I was not about to give up the comforts of my bed for a few nights of sleeping with the mosquitoes.  But the more I thought about,  it seemed like a new and exciting adventure to take part in. All of my family members were also going to be there so I thought it would be fun to try it for just one night. What have I got to lose? This would be a totally new experience for some spoiled city guy who cannot go a few hours without his television or computer. Don’t get me wrong. I love to visit parks and especially lakes but I do not want to live in nature. I only love to visit nature!

The day finally arrived when it was time to meet my family at the campground. After a long 4 hour trip, I was there and the adventure started. After the initial greetings,  I sat down and began thinking, now what? Being a pretty busy guy with a schedule to follow, this was a totally different way of life which I was not accustomed to.  I could not even take a nap because there was just too much noise around the campsite.  I finally came to my senses and realized that this was a great opportunity to unwind and just have fun with my family. No worries or deadlines to meet. The only deadline was to be back for dinner.  That night we had an awesome dinner which was made by my brother-in-law.  There is just something special about having cookouts outside with your family. I just love them! Later on that night, we boarded a boat and took a little boat ride across the lake to watch the fireworks. When we got back, it was time to enter that dreaded tent for a night in my sleeping bag. I crashed pretty fast but I kept on hearing people walking past our site and the sounds of crickets.  I am a pretty light sleeper and can hear things a mile away.

Finally dawn arrived and I was the first one up. At least I thought. My dad was up before me and I can remember him holding my niece who was only about 16 months at the time.  There is nothing better than being up early in the middle of nature. Especially on a nice summer morning. The sounds of the birds chirping and the stillness really does wonders for your soul. After a few hours and a very low water pressure shower, I was ready for some breakfast and just like dinner, it was great with everything you could imagine. I was thinking to myself that this camping bit is not too bad after all!! I finally had to head back to the cities that afternoon and our family was busy breaking camp and packing up.  I did have a good time and developed a new likeness for camping. Now I could see why my parents loved to camp. In this world of  busy lifestyles and lack of time, camping is a great way to forget about  all the worries of the world and have some fun with your family and at the same time, slow your life down. More people should go camping. It is a great activity as long as the weather cooperates and the bugs stay away.

Attacks on Sarah Palin are unfair

It is very unfortunate to see the level of crap being thrown at Sarah Palin and her family ever since she became a national figure late last August.  I cannot recall ever seeing a politician being treated as unfairly as her by the national media as well as certain comedians and late night show hosts.

What exactly did she do to deserve this treatment? Is she a bad and immoral person? I don’t think so. In fact, I admire her for trying to raise a large family along with trying to govern a large state.  She deserves high praise for accomplishing something that very few people could do. I think many working mothers around the country can appreciate what she is trying to do. Was she a lousy governer who has no political talent and ideas? Not at all. She was able to challenge members of her own party in Alaska and come out victorious and even break up the old politics as usual in Alaska. Her popularity is very high in that state so she must be doing something right.

Many talking heads around the country like to say she is not prepared for the national spotlight and all this stuff. That may be true and I can’t argue with that. But what about the current president of the United States, Barack Obama?  What type of experience did he bring to the table? Being a junior senator and a community organizer does not make you ready either. Palin much more executive and business experience than Obama. Sometimes, I wonder if Obama is really over his head. It sure seems like it.

The truth of the matter is that the liberal left wing media continues to try to run this country and that is very unfortunate.  I think many people on the left, view Palin as a huge threat to their ridiculous policies and want to shut her up.  Hopefully other good conservative candidates will not be influenced by what is happening to Palin. This country needs a good, brash politician like Palin. I hope she comes back.