My father’s memorable hole-in-one

With Father’s day just around the corner,  it is a great time to stop and reflect on the many things that our fathers have done for us both now and in the past. Unfortunately, my dad passed away about 6 years ago, but I will still be thinking about him on Sunday and what he was about. The following story is a good example of the type of person that my dad was.

It is a safe bet to assume that many of the fathers out there are avid golfers and my dad was certainly one of them.  He enjoyed hanging out with his buddies at the country club and had certain days when they would get together and play a round.  It was usually Tuesday afternoon and Saturday morning.  My dad was a gifted athlete and golf was no exception. He was about a 5  handicap player and frequently shot in the 70’s at many courses.  Not only did he score pretty well, he had a very pretty swing that would make many golf instructors proud. Yet the one thing that really eluded him during his golfing career was getting a hole-in-one.

Anyone who has ever played golf knows how difficult getting an ace is.  It takes a great deal of skill and more so luck to be able to hit a little white ball some 100-200 yards into a small cup on a faraway green.  I have come within inches but have never yet gotten a hole-in-one. Sooner of later, if you play enough golf, you are bound to get one.  My dad had played for nearly 30 years before he finally got his and boy was it a big one!!

It happened during a corporate tournament that one of his clients was putting on.  I have played in a few of them and they are alot of fun. Many holes have prizes such as closet to the pin, longest drive, etc..   You might win some small prize like a bunch of golf balls or a free cooler.  However, this tournament was a little different and had a little more at stake. On one of the holes, a par 3, 182 yard hole, the prize for getting a hole in one was 15,000 dollars.  My dad approached the hole, took out his 5 iron, and with his patented sweet swing, sent the ball flying through the air until it landed just short of the green.  From there, the ball rolled unto the green and disappeared into a small white cup. With just one swing, my dad had an extra 15k in his pocket!! And his first hole in one of his golfing career.

The great part of this story is that my dad was one of the most generous people on this earth and my mom and him would always give money to charities and their church.  After his round, my dad went back to his motel room and told my mom the stunning news.  I was told that he broke down and cried while telling my mom. It just goes to show that good things do happen to generous and good people.  They used to money to go on a little vacation and of course, my dad donated some of his earnings to help his church build a new gymnasium.  That was what my dad was all about. He was always willing to share with other people.


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