Reflections on Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett

Last Thursday, the entertainment industry was rocked with the loss of two huge icons, Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.  Anytime there is a death of an individual, you certainly have a lot of memories of that person and both Jackson and Fawcett brought me back to my childhood and late teens with so many memories.

I was never a huge Michael Jackson fan and never bought a single cd or record of his.  In fact, I often wondered which gender he really was!! He seemed to be way too feminine for a guy, almost in the same category as Boy George. However, his music really seemed to mark my late high school and early college years with songs such as “Rock with You”, “Beat it” and of course “Thriller”. Whenever I hear his songs today, I can think back to the time and place I was at and some of the pleasant memories I had of driving around in my parents car with my friends and listening to MJ.   Every year he came out with some new hot song which dominated the charts.  His music videos were classics too.  Who can forget the the Thriller music video. It has to be one of the all time greatest music videos.  I do not think there ever has been an artist which has made better music videos.  It can be said that Michael Jackson was the best entertainer of all time and I cannot argue with that.

Like many guys,  I really had the hots for Farrah Fawcett. She was stunningly beautiful and had that gorgeous face and smile which really melted a lot of guys including myself.  I have to confess that I had a huge crush on her when I was only 12 years old.  She might of been the first woman that I really had a crush on.  She was definitely one of the hottest women I have ever seen in my life.

You know, it is really funny when you look at both of their lives and see how fleeting success really is.  Jackson was on top of the world and had all the money in the world, then came the allegations and his world seemed to fall apart dramatically. Do you even think he was really happy with his life? Farrah had all the looks and money and then cancer struck her. I was looking at some photos of herself during her treatment and it was completely shocking. Within a few years, she went from a beautiful woman to a pale woman without any hair who was just struggling to survive.  The same can be said about Patrick Swayze.  All that fame and fortune will not last forever and sometimes will come to a sudden end. We will all miss you Michael and Farrah.  Thanks for the memories!!

ABC news crosses the line

On Wednesday night, the ABC network will be airing an hour long infomercial for President Obama’s health care plan.  Of course, we will be seeing other party’s point of view, right? Well, think again.  ABC will refuse to air any commercials which oppose the president’s plan and there certainly is a lot of opposition to his plan.

So why is happening? It is really sad to see a network show so much bias towards a president that they cannot include any differing viewpoints to his policies. Health care is a many issue in this country and the American people deserve the right to hear different points of view and decide for themselves. Obama’s plan has a track record of failure in many countries and on top of that, will cost over a trillion dollars.  A government run health care systems is sure to drive out many private companies and many people will be forced into this ridiculous, public run health care program.  Personally, I would like President Obama to stand before the cameras and explain to the American people how he is going to end up paying for this and why this will suddenly work when it has failed in other countries.  There has to be a better plan than his.

In the meantime, ABC news is just another example of the continuing biased liberal coverage that favors the president. I thought that these networks were suppose to be a service to the people of this country and show different viewpoints. Apparently, ABC does not feel the need to do that. After all, they are the All Barack Company.

My father’s memorable hole-in-one

With Father’s day just around the corner,  it is a great time to stop and reflect on the many things that our fathers have done for us both now and in the past. Unfortunately, my dad passed away about 6 years ago, but I will still be thinking about him on Sunday and what he was about. The following story is a good example of the type of person that my dad was.

It is a safe bet to assume that many of the fathers out there are avid golfers and my dad was certainly one of them.  He enjoyed hanging out with his buddies at the country club and had certain days when they would get together and play a round.  It was usually Tuesday afternoon and Saturday morning.  My dad was a gifted athlete and golf was no exception. He was about a 5  handicap player and frequently shot in the 70’s at many courses.  Not only did he score pretty well, he had a very pretty swing that would make many golf instructors proud. Yet the one thing that really eluded him during his golfing career was getting a hole-in-one.

Anyone who has ever played golf knows how difficult getting an ace is.  It takes a great deal of skill and more so luck to be able to hit a little white ball some 100-200 yards into a small cup on a faraway green.  I have come within inches but have never yet gotten a hole-in-one. Sooner of later, if you play enough golf, you are bound to get one.  My dad had played for nearly 30 years before he finally got his and boy was it a big one!!

It happened during a corporate tournament that one of his clients was putting on.  I have played in a few of them and they are alot of fun. Many holes have prizes such as closet to the pin, longest drive, etc..   You might win some small prize like a bunch of golf balls or a free cooler.  However, this tournament was a little different and had a little more at stake. On one of the holes, a par 3, 182 yard hole, the prize for getting a hole in one was 15,000 dollars.  My dad approached the hole, took out his 5 iron, and with his patented sweet swing, sent the ball flying through the air until it landed just short of the green.  From there, the ball rolled unto the green and disappeared into a small white cup. With just one swing, my dad had an extra 15k in his pocket!! And his first hole in one of his golfing career.

The great part of this story is that my dad was one of the most generous people on this earth and my mom and him would always give money to charities and their church.  After his round, my dad went back to his motel room and told my mom the stunning news.  I was told that he broke down and cried while telling my mom. It just goes to show that good things do happen to generous and good people.  They used to money to go on a little vacation and of course, my dad donated some of his earnings to help his church build a new gymnasium.  That was what my dad was all about. He was always willing to share with other people.

It is time to shorten the NBA and NHL seasons

Like many sports fans around the country, I love the NBA and to a certain degree, the NHL playoffs. Seeing the best players on the earth play in very meaningful games is great entertainment and something I look forward to every spring.  However, last night I was thinking to myself, why are they still playing and it is nearly mid June? The NHL season will end on June 12th and the NBA season could go as long as June 18th. For many folks including myself, this is absolutely insane!! Why not just stretch things out and play all summer? I thought basketball and hockey were generally thought of as winter sports.

This is a great time of the year with the longer daylight  and nicer weather. The thought of coming indoors on a beautiful, warm late spring evening to watch a hockey or basketball game is not very appealing to me.  Usually the only ice that I think about during this time of the year is how much I put in my glass of  Coke after a round on the golf course.  I am sure there are those die hard fans who do not mind having the series stretch into June but I am not one of them.  It is time to focus on the warm weather sports such as baseball, golf and the start of NFL training camps.

I have always believed that the NBA and NHL season should end by no later than mid May. At one time, that was the case.  I am not sure whether reducing the amount of regular season games is the answer but it could be discussed.  The one thing that I would really be in favor of is reducing the number of teams that make the playoffs in half. Instead of having 8 teams in each conference make the playoffs,  just 4 would make it. With more teams competing for fewer playoff spots, the regular season games will have more meaning and be far more interesting to watch especially during the last few weeks of the season.  In baseball, only 4 teams from each league make the playoffs and the races at the end of the season are very interesting to watch.  The NBA and NHL should do the same. Their playoffs could start right after the NCAA men’s basketball tournament and would finish near the middle part of May.

Of course this will never happen but I wish it would. Oh and by the way, I look for the Red Wings to win the Cup in overtime on Friday night and the Lakers to win their series in 6 games.

Government Motors is not for me

Much of the buzz in the news during the past few days has been the chapter 11 bankruptcy of one of America’s most recognizable companies, General Motors.  During a news conference on Monday, it was announced that the government will have a nearly 60 percent share in the company which is unprecedented for such a large private company. First, they took over AIG, now General Motors. Just when is this socialism nonsense going to stop?!!

I was able to watch and read clips of the news conference and could not help from laughing to myself.  President Obama is promising to rebuild and help the company become leaner and meaner in the future and was confident that they will rise again and become a greater force in the auto industry.  Does anyone out there really believe that GM will suddenly rise from the ashes with the help of the chosen one and his cronies? First of all, they are promising to build a smaller, more fuel efficient car which is great for them to say, but what about the many families around the country who depend on the large SUV’s to haul their kids around? And the safety concerns with driving a smaller car? Do people in the government really understand what the market is for automobiles and what people are demanding?

I can just see people in this country buying more and more foreign cars and shutting off  Government Motors completely. People around the country including myself are upset with this intervention and are looking at other car companies. It is just another example of government sticking their nose into something they should not be in and all at the expense of the taxpayers. We are investing 50 billion dollars into this company and what do you think are the chances of us getting a return on our investment?  I am not very optimistic at all.

Government motors has been a poorly managed company for a number of years and until they start making dramatic changes at the top, they will always struggle. And I don’t mean having the government come in and run things. When was the last time that really worked? Too me, that is not helping things at all. Instead, it will cause more problems.  Government needs to be a referee in these type of things, not a player.  I do not like the idea of having a president and members of congress, many of whom I believe are very incompetent, trying to run a business and appointing their political buddies to help run things. That is a sure recipe for disaster and a great way to wreck capitalism and private business.  The taxpayers of this country will be the ones who lose in the end.

In the meantime, that Ford dealership down the road is looking more appealing everyday. Sorry President Obama, I am through with your company.