President Obama’s thoughtless remarks

You could say last week was certainly the worst week of our new president’s term. He had several blunders ranging from the  non-disclosure about his party’s involvement in the AIG bonus mess, his budget, which was revealed will create a much higher deficit than originally thought and of course, the silly idea that veterans should use their private insurance to pay for their combat wounds.

However, the one thing that has everyone buzzing is his remark that he made on the Jay Leno show about his fine bowling skills. He compared them to the special Olympics thus insulting many people in this country who are affected by Downs Syndrome.  I know a few people who have this disease and they are some of the most courageous, determined and funniest  people to be around. Just because they have a handicap is no reason to make fun of them.  They did not ask to be born that way and people should have more compassion for them. I am a little disappointed that the leader of this country would make those comments.

I really think President Obama got off easy on this one. There seems to be little outrage over his remark. Can you imagine if a Republican president made that remark? The media would be all over him for at least 2 weeks. My friends over at MSNBC would probably call on him to be impeached.  Of course, that is just the double standard that the media has.

Hopefully in the future, the President will be a little more sensitive towards all types of people. After all, I was told the Democratic party is suppose to be the party of the people?  Pardon me while leave the room and laugh for 15 minutes!


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