The Vikings strange move

Last Friday, it was announced that the Minnesota Vikings had acquired Sage Rosenfels from the Houston Texans for a 4th round draft pick. When I heard about the big pick up, visions of seeing the Vikings in the 2010 Super Bowl were dancing in my head. Well actually not!  I mean, who is Sage Rosenfels?  I never heard of the guy until I did a google search of his name.  A career backup, just what the Vikings need at this time. Another backup quarterback!! What is this organization thinking?!! I noticed in his stats that he threw more picks than touchdowns last year which is nice to see from a guy who is supposed to competing for the starting quarterback job.

To further add fuel to the fire,  the next day, Matt Cassell signed with the Kansas Chiefs and they only had to give up a 2nd round draft choice.  Can someone tell me why the Vikings did not pursue Cassell? There is no logic behind this latest move at all!! It stinks!! Having a good young quarterback like Cassell could of put the Vikings among the league’s elite teams and certain Super Bowl contenders for next season. Instead they will have 2 mediorce quarterbacks competing for the starting postion.

Why is it that this team cannot figure out that their top need should be a good solid quarterback?  In my opinion, they are just a decent quarterback away from being a serious Super Bowl contender.  I feel they should at least try to trade for Jay Cutler but it will probably not happen. Maybe Jeff Garcia could be another solution.  But picking up a guy with a 2008 rating of 79.1 with 6 touchdowns and 10 ints in not the answer!!


3 thoughts on “The Vikings strange move

  1. We did pursue Cassell. Unfortunately, the Patriots decided that getting a 2nd round pick from the Chiefs for him and Vrabel was the “best decision”.

    Pardon me while I go laugh for a few hours.

    I don’t think anyone within the Vikings organization, from the management and Wilf to the fans to the players themselves, believe that Sage is a quarterback that’s going to be the face of this franchise. Actually, I think that anyone that believes a quarterback is going to succeed under Brad Childress’ offense is completely insane.

    Did you know that no QB has ever had a 300-yd game under Childress? We came close last year, but it just doesn’t happen.


  2. I did not know that no QB has ever had a 300 yd game for the Vikes. That is a good point, Nic! Remember back a few years ago when Childress bragged about his offense being a kick ass type of offense. The only thing that kicks with his offense is field goals and plenty of them!

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