The Octo Mom

I saw the Octo Mom on television the other day and the longer I watched her, the more I just wanted to scream until finally, I just turned that self server off.  I think many people, along with myself, feel she is really what is wrong about America these days.  To put it in one word GREED!!

I have no problem with a woman wanting to be a mother and being fascinated by it.  For many women, it is something they dream about since their childhood.  Whether a woman wants to have 10 children or just one is really her own choice but she has to remember just one thing. It is NOT just about herself! It is about the innocent little child who will have to be raised her.  Will that child be given a chance to be raised, the right and proper way so that they will a model citizen as an adult or a neglected kid who will become a nuisance to society.

I find it very hard to believe that a single woman with 14 children can effectively have the time to properly raise and take care of all of them. Someone from social services should step in and do something about this crazy woman.   And the doctor involved should be reprimanded too.  These people are just concerned about fame and nothing else. Having additional children for a single mother of 6 including 3 with disabilities is one of the most selfish acts, I have ever seen.  To make matters worse, she does not even have a job and lives in her parents basement!

I have always believed in the old fashioned family and the benefits from coming from a loving family with support from both the father and mother. Studies have shown that children grown up to become better adults when they come from a stable caring family. I just feel sorry for these poor kids who will have to grow up in that type of environment with her mom just getting by on welfare.  Similar to buying a house, living within your means should apply to having children, whether you are a couple or a single mother. Hopefully, nobody else follows her selfish example.


Another stupid bailout

Last week, President Obama introduced a bill which will provide relief to the nearly 9 million Americans who are facing foreclosure on their homes.  In my opinion, this is just another silly bailout which rewards many irresponsible people at the expense of the tax payers of the country.

Buying a house is one of the biggest financial moves a person can make and I have to laugh at these people who say they were tricked into a mortgage and suddenly cannot afford to make the payments. Do these people even do their homework before making that kind of purchase? Do they even have an idea of what a budget is and what they can afford and cannot. Obviously not!!  These people not only hurt themselves but the folks who live around them.  I do not feel these people should even get a dime from me but they will get assistance for their stupidity. To me, that is totally wrong!

Having said those things, there are many people who are struggling to make payments because of a job loss and I can feel for those people.  But why cannot banks sit down with people and simply change the terms of the mortgage to a lower rate or a longer period of payment.  Instead, the government will shell out taxpayers money to both the borrower and the banks each year for up to 5 years.  And will this really help those irresponsible people who do not live within their means? I can just see these same people continue to default in the future. Is the government going to continue to bailout these individuals? And what about credit cards and the upcoming crisis regarding that?

There has to be a stop to this madness of bailing out people at various levels from taking advantage of those many, many Americans who are responsible with their money.

Some of my favorite and least favorite love songs

On Saturday,  many lovers will celebrate a day which is intended just for them, Valentine’s Day.  Guys will be flooding the flower and candy shops for that special gift.  Please guys, be a little creative this year for a change!  You can do better than flowers and candy! Maybe cooking dinner for your partner would be a start.

I have always associated music with romance since many songs bring back good and bad memories of my past relationships.  Everyone has a  favorite love song that reminds  them of their current companion or maybe a flame from the past. I  certainly do.  You cannot escape it with all those 70’s, 80’s and 90’s stations out there. I have never really been a big fan of love songs. For every good love song, I find ten really annoying songs. And the worst thing is that you cannot get some of them out of your head once you have listened to them. It is like a poison!  So just in time for Valentine’s day, I would like to share some of my favorite and least favorite long songs of all time.


1.  “Giving you the best that I got” Anita Baker           
2. “Beth”  Kiss
3.  “Here without you”  Three  Doors Down
4.  “Here and Now”  Luther Vandross
5.  “Amanda” Boston   

Least Favorites:

1.  Any Air Supply song, take your pick!
2.  “When a man loves a woman”  Michael Bolton 
3.  “You light up my life”  Debbie Boone 
4.  “Take my breath away”  Berlin
5.  “Every breath you take”  Police

I could easily add another 100 songs or so to my least favorites list.  I feel for the poor folks who have to listen to soft rock at work everyday.  Those folks should not have to be tortured to that stuff! Where are those Metallica and AC/DC tunes when you really need them?

Michael Phelps and role models

During the past week, it was revealed that America’s golden boy, Michael Phelps was caught smoking pot. Pictures of him surfaced on the Internet and just like that, his reputation took a dramatic hit.  He lost a few endorsements and the age old debate came up again whether athletes should be role models or not.

Being a sports fan, I have always admired high profile athletes such as Phelps for their incredible talent and especially the amount of training and work that goes into being a top notch athlete. It takes a special person to want to pay that price that these guys go through. However, I have never gone so far as to worship these guys.  They put on their pants the same way as everyone else does and face the same temptations and problems that normal people do. I just get sick of people bowing down to these people like they are kings of the world.

Whether you agree with me or not, I definitely think sports stars are role models whether they like it or not and should be careful about the way they act away from their profession.  Since they are constantly in the public view, many people especially young children and adults  can be influenced by their actions.  I just feel that being a top notch athlete can be more rewarding that just winning a gold medal or a championship. It can also mean touching many people with the way you conduct yourself away from the playing field. Unfortunately in this day and age, this seems to be a forgotten thing.

The wasteful stimulus bill

As an average American taxpayer, I am really ticked off about this so called stimulus bill which made it through the House and soon to be debated in the Senate.  It is nothing but a bunch of  wasteful spending that only increases the size of government and that is something this country does not need! I take my hat off to the  Republicans and especially those brave Democrats who stood up to their party and voted not to support this bill. After studying this bill, I am glad they had enough common sense unlike the rest of the Democrats who voted for it.

This bill has several flaws in it and I do not even know where to start.  First of all, the government’s credit card is all maxed out so how can they afford a huge spending bill like this which will put us in further debt for generations to come?  To give you an indication of some of the pork in this bill, consider that 400 million will go to study global warming, 600 million to buy new government cars, 1 billion for the Census, 330 million for STD prevention and 200 million to plant sod at the White House. What exactly does this kind of spending have to do with stimulating the economy?

This kind of plan for huge government spending is not something new. It has been tried in the 1930’s and 1970’s only to fail miserably and not produce any economic growth at all. When the government spends money, they will have to make up for it usually in the form of taxes and that is just redistributing things around and not producing any growth.  I mentioned in one of my latest posts that the real key in improving the economy in my opinion is helping out the private sector with tax cuts for workers and investors.  This has been a proven method of jump starting the economy which has worked several times in the past including as recently as 2003.

I just hope that a new revised version can be hatched out that truly encourages economic growth without putting our country into deeper and deeper debt. Our generation and many generations to come are depending on it.