Middle East peace? When hell freezes over!!

The big story which has dominated the news in the last few days has been the major conflict between Israel and Hamas. Yesterday, things started to escalate in this conflict when Israeli troops invaded the Gaza strip and fighting soon erupted between the two sides.

Personally, I cannot blame Israel for trying to defend itself from countless rocket attacks into its country and putting innocent people’s lives on the line. Any country who is attacked like that has all the right in the world to go after the culprits who initiated the attacks.  The sad part of this conflict is that many innocent men and women in Gaza will suffer because of the actions of both sides.  And things are only starting to get worse.

There will always been talk of some sort of cease fire and peace agreement over there but will that really work? In my opinion, there will never will be peace in that area as long as you have these radical groups like Hamas wh0 are bent on totally destroying Israel.  Several other countries and terrorist organizations share the same radical Islamic views as Hamas. Not only are these groups and countries a threat to Israel but also the United States and its allies. They are not interested in peace but only destruction of those who oppose their radical views and ideologies. This conflict really scares me because I see it developing into something much larger with more countries getting involved.

I certainly agree that diplomacy is the best way to handle a conflict but when you have terrorist groups such as Hamas and their allies out there, sometimes reaching a peace deal is next to impossible.  These groups need to be totally wiped out before they jeopardize peace for the entire world. Until then, many innocent men and women will suffer because of them.


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