Too early for Christmas music

Today is November 16th and already, some radio station here in the Twin Cities have been playing Christmas music since last weekend.  My question is why? Why not start stretch it out and start in August just before Labor Day? I understand that some folks start their Christmas shopping early in November and may want to get into the spirit with some music but in my opinion, lets wait until the day after Thanksgiving before starting to play those nonstop Christmas tunes.  I just cannot force myself to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. It just does not seem right and I wish these early bird stations would feel the same way.


The sad part of the bad economy, job loss and layoffs

Like many companies around the United States, my employer has been hit by the bad economy and we have had been forced to make some layoffs. Some of the people let go have been with us for several years and have put their heart and soul into the company only to see their way and standard of life dramatically affected in just a short meeting.  And considering the layoffs occurred just before the Christmas season only adds to the pain for these individuals. Having to deal with the sudden, unexpected loss of income with bills to pay is really a tremendous burden and stress for anyone.

I have always considered losing someone to a layoff, the most difficult thing about working for a company.  Our company has gone through it before and it never gets any easier to see someone go.  I have seen people get fired and usually I do not feel bad about them because they had it coming. But laying people off is a different story. Many people who get layed off are just the victims of circumstances. Either they are the least experienced person or simply a victim of an overstaffed department.  Sometimes, politics gets involved and the wrong person gets let go.

For anyone who has ever gotten laid off or lost their job due to a layoff, it is not the end of the world. Sure there will be short term challenges but for every door that is closed in your life, another door will be right in front of you waiting to be opened. Bigger and better opportunities await you. Some people have even mentioned that losing their job due to layoffs was the best thing to ever happened to them. It opened up a whole new opportunity in another job which they are having even more success in.

I have learned from these layoffs to never take my job for granted. These days, you can never be assured you will be working at the same job for the rest of your life. And just because you have a been with a company for several years does not mean you are exempt for getting laid off.  Many employers during lean times are also looking at getting rid of the dead weight people who do nothing for the company. So the next time, you decline an opportunity to make yourself more valuable to the company, remember that it can come back to bite you in the rear end. So the next time you are wasting company time chit chatting, you are only digging your own grave. Personally, I could care less about someone’s tenure at a company. If you have been there for several years, you should be expected to do even more and if not, like they say, do not let the door hit you in the you know what! Plus it saves a company even more money than letting go of someone with less years of service. Times are tough for many companies and it is time to be careful about your job. Never assume anything in business. It is a cold world out there.